Join with UnitingWorld and people across Australia, to call on our leaders to act now to build a safer world for all.

Two decades of progress fighting infectious diseases, empowering women and girls and building education and economic prosperity stalled when the Pandemic hit.

Now, threats to our world are intensifying - dangerous weather, increased wars and soaring inequality.

If we do nothing, today's challenges will become tomorrow's catastrophes.

Decisions made by this generation can put the world back on track.

This is best for the World and best for Australia. But it won’t happen on its own.

We need you to join us.

We are calling on our nation's leaders to:

1. Increase investment in Australian Aid

2. Support a fairer global economy

3. Contribute to a safer climate future

More information available at the
Safer World for All website.

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By signing our call you are raising your hand to say you are willing to play a part in our campaign for a safer world for all - from writing to your MP, to sharing on social media, to attending events and spreading the word. The action may change, but the mission stays the same.

Why is this urgent now?

We will squander two decades of global co-operation and progress if we allow challenges to become crises and crises to become catastrophes.

  • The world’s inroads against infectious diseases and empowering girls and women were abruptly cut short when COVID swept the world.
  • With a one in four chance of a similar pandemic, we must urgently act to prevent rolling disasters.
  • By the end of the decade, 575 million people will be living in extreme poverty unless we address the aid, climate and inequality storm.

We owe it to our kids to invest in a safer world now so they also enjoy peace and prosperity.

  • One in six children today live in a conflict zone, with the number increasing sharply over the past 20 years.
  • If we don’t act, 300 million children or young people will be leaving school unable to read and write by 2030.
  • Almost 2 billion people will rely on polluting fuels and technologies for cooking.
  • We will be 279 years away from addressing gender gaps in legal protection and the removal of discriminatory laws. 

As a smaller nation reliant on global trade, Australia benefits more than most when poor countries become prosperous, stable, and less prone to violence and disease outbreaks.

  • Ten of Australia's top 15 export markets today are countries where we once provided foreign aid.
  • Providing assistance in our region reduces the risk of war and boosts stability.
  • If democracies like Australia don’t provide aid, nations that don’t share our values will fill the vacuum. 

The Safer World for All campaign is being coordinated by the Public Engagement and Campaigns Committee (PECC) of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and Micah Australia. UnitingWorld is a proud member of ACFID and Micah Australia.


As a member of ACFID, UnitingWorld is held accountable to the highest standards of governance, financial transparency and effectiveness in our work.

UnitingWorld gratefully acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).