"We see the needs of our communities struggling to be resilient. They have the indigenous knowledge and understand their context, they are willing to do what it takes to adapt to the impacts of climate change. But they need help and they need it now."

-Rev James Bhagwan, General Secretary, Pacific Conference of Churches

Across our region, climate action led by the communities most affected by this global crisis is overlooked and underfunded. Through our partnerships, we can support the critical work of local leaders and communities who understand the challenges and have solutions. 

You can help.

Your gift will help bridge the funding gap, supporting our partners in the Pacific and Asia to safeguard communities from climate disasters, map and stock emergency shelters, build food local security, plant trees and stabilise landslide-prone areas.

Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please give generously.
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can help our partners plant trees to stabilise landslide-prone areas and offset carbon.
can help a family grow their own food garden, cutting down on food miles, improving heath and building resilience.
can help resource a village to take action on poverty, health care and the environment.
can help protect whole communities in the Pacific by stocking evacuation centres, securing water sources, and providing life-saving education.

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Faith in a changing climate - a story from Tuvalu

Climate change is the biggest threat to the world we want to see, currently on pace to undo decades of progress towards peace, security, health and hope.  This video from our partners in Tuvalu shows how critical the situation is for many of our Pacific neighbours. 

Climate change - the biggest challenge to our shared mission

UnitingWorld and our church partners see climate change as the biggest challenge to our shared mission of addressing the causes and consequences of poverty, injustice and violence.

Climate change intensifes poverty, food insecurity, confict, migration, and inequality – disproportionately affecting women, children, and those with disabilities.

It is no longer possible to deal with the cyclones, foods, fires and droughts as if they were one-off events. Extreme events are the backdrop against which all of us must live.

In 2022-23, our church partners refreshed their project designs to embed climate action and disaster resilience in each. Where they can, they are planting trees and running recycling hubs; they are stabilising landslide-prone areas; they are teaching families about composting and how to make their own natural fertilisers to improve crop yields; they are mapping evacuation centres and planning emergency responses. They're supporting people to plan and prepare for the impact of disasters, and, drawing on their faith, our partners are inspiring communities to care for creation and advocate to their leaders.

These new shifts are about equipping people and communities to be more self-reliant and able to find sustainable local solutions to the growing impacts of climate change.

We need your support to resource this vital work. Please give today.


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