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Thank you for joining us for Lent Event 2023!

You’re part of a global movement of people working together to making a powerful difference in the world.

Here is where you can pledge to live simply in solidarity with those who live with less.

Give up or take up something to change your life and fundraise to change the lives of others. 

  What could you GIVE UP?   What could you TAKE UP?  
Coffee, chocolate, alcohol, netflix, buying things you don’t need, wasting food, checking your phone, arriving late, gossip, disposable plastic, mindless eating, worrying about things that can’t be changed, procrastination… Composting; gratitude, patience,, something to reduce your environmental footprint, a new skill, prayer, forgiveness, secret acts of kindness, exercise, a budget, a new idea, graciousness, regular giving, meditation, memorising scripture…

The funds you raise will be used where need is greatest, helping our international partners in the Pacific, Asia and Africa lift people out of poverty, end violence and injustice, raise up the next generation of leaders and give much-needed hope and healing.

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