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What is UnitingWorld Sunday? 

The first UnitingWorld Sunday was first launched in 2023 as an opportunity for churches and groups to learn more about our international church partners and how to act in solidarity on issues of poverty and injustice. We look forward to releasing a new liturgy, sermon from our partners and other great resources for 2024!

Resource page here

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When is UnitingWorld Sunday?

We will be launching this year's UnitingWorld Sunday on 12 May, 2024. But you can do it any day that suits your church's calendar!

How can I sign up my church to participate in UnitingWorld Sunday?

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What happened to Seven Days of Solidarity? 

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Our former Seven Days of Solidarity campaign has evolved into UnitingWorld Sunday – a dedicated service to celebrate our church partners and be inspired to support their work. 

All the previous Seven Days of Solidarity resources are still available in our resource library for you to use anytime. 

The campaign looks a little different, but the purpose remains the same – to celebrate and support our global neighbours. 

Where can I find out more?

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Check out the UnitingWorld Sunday homepage and the Resources page to see what information is available online.

If you have further questions, please email the team at or ring us on 1800 998 122.


Downloading resources for printing

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You can download most of the UnitingWorld Sunday resources as digital files, so you can print as many copies as you need. 

Resources page here

Ordering physical resources

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Many of our resources, including our Bible studies, flyers and colouring-in sheets are available for delivery. 

Order form here TBC

Allow at least two weeks for mail delivery. 

Can I invite a UnitingWorld speaker? 

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Yes! You can request a UnitingWorld speaker for your UnitingWorld Sunday service or event.

But get in quick!
Our speakers are in high demand and limited supply so make your request as soon as possible.

Email us at - tell us what date and time you want the speaker, and we will see if we have anyone available.

If no-one is available on the date you have picked for your UnitingWorld Sunday, we can try to schedule someone to come to you later in the year.

Supporting our global partners

Where do donations to UnitingWorld Sunday go? 

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The funds you raise as part of UnitingWorld Sunday will go to where it’s most needed, helping our global neighbours with poverty alleviation, gender equality, climate resilience, strong leadership and emergency response.  

To learn more about sponsoring a particular project, please reach out to our team at 

Ways to fundraise

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There are several ways that churches and individuals con contribute to the work of our global partners.

Where can I learn more about my impact?

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As a member of ACFID, UnitingWorld is held accountable to the highest standards of governance, financial transparency and effectiveness in our work.

UnitingWorld gratefully acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).