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Language Matters

I learnt early in my job at UnitingWorld how important it is to learn at least few words in the language of our partners, so that you can share words of greeting and thanks in their mother-tongue. 

It's easy to forget the power you wield when you make it necessary for others to  speak with you in your own language.

This Lent, I'm challenging myself to learning a bit more than a few words in Bahasa Indonesia - the language spoken by several of our South East Asian partners. I am undertaking to do at least 15 minutes on Duo Lingo each day, without a break.

My team at Roseville UC will keep me honest, and I will inflict my fledgling Bahasa skills on any who are willing. 

UnitingWorld works with partners in the Pacific, Asia and Africa, helping communities to unlock their potential and set themselves free from poverty and injustice.

Please sponsor me, or support the Rosevill UC team to support UnitingWorld. 

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Semoga Anda diberkati dengan keteramplin bahasa.



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