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"There's no question that our world needs  good news.

It's not enough for us to preach or proclaim that good news,

we must become it for the people around us."

-Rev Dr Mery Kolimon,

Moderator of the Evangelical Church of Timor

How God’s people are bringing hope in West Timor
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There’s no question that our world needs good news. For God’s people, the words of Rev Dr Mery Kolimon are a ringing call to action:

“It’s not enough for us to teach or proclaim the good news. We must work hard to become it for those around us. That's why we are committed to being part of transformation in every part of our society - helping people find food and shelter, praying with them and nurturing hope."

Mery is the first female Moderator of the Evangelical Church of Timor, leading a church bringing hope to desperate people.  

She's part of a team of ordinary men and women of faith who are:

  • PREACHING about finding God in suffering and care for creation 
  • offering PRAYER and TRAUMA COUNSELLING to children who lost everything in the recent cyclone  
  • helping RE-TRAIN those who are in desperate need of income 
  • offering SMALL BUSINESS START UP loans and education on everything from livestock breeding to marketing  
  • assessing hard to reach DISASTER STRUCK REGIONS in partnership with Government to provide help 
  • providing their own RESOURCES like solar lamps, food, clean water, school uniforms and building material 
  • collaborating with other partners in the region to PREVENT CLIMATE CHANGE impacts 

The Church in West Timor is a fantastic example of the way our Church Partners, world-wide, immerse themselves in every aspect of community life. From Timor and across Indonesia to Zimbabwe, India and Pacific nations, these are churches who live the reality of a faith that changes lives. 

Thank you for praying and giving to help keep our brothers and sisters strong. You’re part of the good news our world desperately needs.  


West Timor, Indonesia’s most disadvantaged province, is battling on multiple fronts:  

  • COVID-19 cases are surging 
  • Seroja, the region’s worst cyclone, decimated homes and livelihoods 
  • poverty, human trafficking and malnutrition impact too many families 

Pray for the leadership under Rev Dr Mery Kolimon, for the many pastors who risk their own health to serve others and for the disaster recovery effort.

Give thanks for the lives of many children who have taken part in trauma counselling and families who are being assisted to rebuild after Cyclone Seroja.

Pray for health messaging and the distribution of accurate information encouraging people to follow health directives and to vaccinate.

If you'd like to donate to help Mery, the team in West Timor and other partners bringing hope to change lives, click here.

Your gift will help our partners lift people up:

COVID-19 response | health education | clean water and sanitation | education | job training |

disaster and climate change response | gender equality

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