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I'm fundraising during Lent!

This Lent, I’m taking up a 40-day challenge with Lent Event to raise funds to support UnitingWorld and their partners fighting poverty.

UnitingWorld works with partners in the Pacific, Asia and Africa, helping communities to unlock their potential and set themselves free from poverty and injustice.

I'd love your support to help me reach my goal!

Thank you so much.

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6th April Actively taking Action for Chamge

Bobbe has always been a helper and has defended and positively engaged with people who are marginalised. Jesus came to embrace the marginalised and love everyone unconditionally. I have felt this hugely during my time of mindful and balanced Action through Lent. Where there is life there is hope for change and Jesus gave us renewed and greater visioned life, enabling us to see the whole picture in all its many brush strokes. Make a miracle happen today by sponsoring Bobbe by giving to a wonderful charity Uniting World. Uniting World because it partners so well with local people on the ground helping anf teaching them to embrace the change that must happen in a world at crisis with dealing with a changing climate and human violoation against others. Reach out to someone today, even if its just a smile. Bobbe

Being Whole, Being Active and Alive

29th March. I am continuing to bandsaw braches and stack up hill for winter. Yesterday I took a sick friend to her home a long way from where she was and  replaced her broken pane of glass with a new one (puttying it in the old fashioned way). This weekend I am cooking African for 9 friends  at home raising funds for my other charity BCC Africa  which supports vulnerable kids in Kenya by educating then to Uni standard. I have found Action and energy are infectious and cross pollinate wisdom amongst those people one is working with or talking to about being open to Australia taking more tefugees.

Busy, Active, Blessed

Today Sunday 13th, I will be joining other volunteers of BCCAfrica (my Charity  educating poor, vulnerable and marginalised Kenyan yound people)  looking after a Gate at the Taste of Huon.  This week I have been bandsawing more branches and stacking up hill for winter, got my Motor Boat Licence yesterday to revise the importance of Marine Safety after a dingy accident on the Davey River caused by someone else's inexperience and bravado. On Thursday I organised and delivered fencing supplies to a friend who I've been helping revegitate land by planting eucalypts. Each day I am doing more and found that incidental exercise seems the best for knee replacement recovery. I have lost 9 kg in 9 weeks. And good friends in the groove of loving their neighbour by giving, caring and helping those less fortunate than themselves; have supported and encouraged me and my team SiLent to be ACTIVE in the help for others less fortunate and  marginalised in Australia eg Homeless women and refugees left in Afghanistan and incarcerated by this current Federal Australian Government. JOIN us and be active and do anything that will help others. Peace and Hope, Bobette

More Action for our environment

On Saturday 5th Bobbe swam in the sea at Little Rorring Beach and Sunday 6th Bobbe and Al cleared black berries and helped plant eucalytus globulus in Dover to bring farmland back to indigenous species. Andrew and Odile helped clran up Richmond. Join Team SiLent or please support us to get active and positive for and in Our World.

Brutus and Bobbe moving Mulch

Friday 4th March was a big day for Brutus and Boobe laying cardboard and moving mulch to Bobbe's sloping garden. Brutus also shared his vision and passion for spiritual dreaming and Jesus dreaming. Recently I have been reading about Memory Palaces and Orality where indigenous trails and songlines tell the history, culture, spiritual practices remembered from original time by association with place. Free Audible book Lynne Kelly's The Memory Code.
Thanks for your support of Team SiLent

Join SiLent team if you wish to support positivity in the world and pursue action for change

Hi friends, I am raising funds for Uniting World because they are a charity of action and change. My task is the be more positive in the world and abandon laziness for Lent. Today I am sawing branches to stack for winter. Tomorrow I will be writing to independant and Greens election candidates to encourage them to take all Afghani refugees additional to Australias refugee quota, take IHSS refugee funding out of the Australian Ovetseas Aid budget as it wasbefore John Howard and find out how to support Ukranian refugees and those left at home facing vioation and war.

Thank you to my Supporters


David Moody


Alison Rawling

Goodonya Bobbe Send all receipts to PO Box 148 Avalon Beach NSW 2107




Bobette Solager


Joan Solaga

Good on you Bobbe, keep up the ACTION to change the world for the better. Love, Mum


Julie Le Cornu

Happy to support you Bobbe. All the best


Tim Gibbons

Keep up the good work, Bobbie!


Dr Odile Glenn

Just want to support your efforts in any way I can


Emma Simpson

Proud of my Auntie! Helping a great cause x love you

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