A season for prayer, simplicity and generosity
Right now, it feels like our world has never needed it more.

22 February - 6 April 2023

It’s hard not to spend time dwelling on the state of our world today. Escalating conflicts, rising poverty and hunger, floods, fires, environmental and economic uncertainty, a global pandemic lingers on...

So many crises pull our attention in endless directions. We want to help, but where do we even begin? Can any of us make a real difference?

Lent is coming. A 40-day season to walk in  the footsteps of Jesus, seeking to practice a life focused on simplicity, generosity and prayer. It’s a precious opportunity to step back a little, choosing to carve out intentional time to pray more regularly, live more simply and refocus on what we can do to love our neighbours and  make a difference to a hurting world.

40 days of prayer, simplicity and generosity
Pray: join in prayer for our partners across the globe

Live simply: give up something in solidarity with those who have less

Give: raise funds to help bring hope and healing

Sign up today to get some great resources, including a daily prayer guide with short prayer prompts from our partners across Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

Three ways to get involved:


1. Sign up

Sign up to raise funds for clean water, education or climate action!



2. Join a team

Get a team together and make a bigger impact! You can take part with a group of friends or get your whole church involved.



Donate to join God’s people bringing hope and healing around the world.


Take part in Lent Event and support the work of UnitingWorld and our partners, working together for a world free from poverty and injustice. Last year, you helped us change the lives of more than 460,000 people in 13 countries. Clean water, education, disaster response: your efforts will create new life.

"We're walking 10,000 steps a day to raise funds for water and sanitation in communities"

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"We're limiting screens and devices to raise funds for kids education."

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"We're cutting back on use of plastic to raise funds for people impacted by climate-related disasters."

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take up our Bible Study for Lent

Take up our seven-part Bible study for Lent and reflect on how we can be better partners in the fight to end poverty. 

Available to order as full-colour booklets or by free download.

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