Lent Event Project Spotlight

Ambon Island, Maluku Province Indonesia

Ambon Island, part of Maluku Province, is one of the poorest regions of Indonesia. 

One third of its people live on less than a dollar a day. 

In 1999, a drawn-out conflict between Christians and Muslims killed 5,000 people and left 70,000 homeless. The legacy of the clash has embedded poverty and ongoing resentment. The area is also prone to earthquakes – the latest in September 2019 destroyed homes and left thousands living without power and clean water for months. 

Our partner in Ambon, the Protestant Church in Maluku, is a model for the way we build peace and beat poverty around the world.

The featured project this year has two aspects: supporting small business start-ups and peacebuilding, detailed below.

Small Business Start Ups

Small businesses training to help families create an income to lift themselves out of poverty. Start-ups include breeding pigs, goats and other animals; starting hydroponic gardens or crafting recycled materials into practical items to sell at marketplaces.

Peace Workshops

“Someone told me that the best way to build peace is to prepare for war, but we have learnt that the best way to build peace is to understand and listen to each other.  I love the peace workshops – they’re practical in every part of life.” 

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