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The 40-day season of Lent is an opportunity to disrupt our everyday routines by living more simply, taking up a spiritual discipline or being more intentional about our lives and habits. 'Fasting’ is a common discipline for Lent, going without something for 40 days. But more powerful than fasting from chocolate or Netflix etc, is choosing to fast from indifference to others and to the challenges facing our world: poverty, conflict, inequality, violence, a changing climate...

Lent Event is 40 days of living more simply, learning from our global neighbours and choosing to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others. Take up a Lent Event challenge and be part of a movement to end poverty and injustice in our world.


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Get a group together during Lent to reflect on what it means to be a good global neighbour.



to join God’s people working to bring hope and healing around the world.


How can you live more simply to help end poverty and build hope?

There's SO many ways and below are a few ideas.  But think about your own life... What should you give up? Or what challenge would you love to achieve?

You could you give up…

Single-use plastic
Junk food
Your car
Long showers
Takeaway food
One meal a day

Make a big impact!

Create your own online Lent Event fundraising page. Inspire your friends and provide easy ways for them to give. 


You could take up…

A daily act of kindness
A physical challenge – walk, run, ride, swim
40 prayers for others
A fundraising event – cake stall, trivia night, concert, craft activity
Donate what you save by living more simply this lent. Ask friends and family to sponsor you and encourage you in your efforts.

View and  support our Lent Event fundraisers. 

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