Lent Event Featured Project: Livelihoods and Peacebuilding in Ambon

More than a decade after the conflict between Christian and Muslim religious groups in Ambon, there is still a significant need to rebuild relationships between religious groups and to provide economic opportunities for women.

We support our partners the Protestant Church in Maluku (via their development agency the Sagu Salempeng Foundation) to bring together mixed groups of Christian and Muslim women for education and microfinance opportunities. Along with the economic benefits, the project also helps give women a voice in household decision making.

This encourages friendships between women from different faith backgrounds, enabling women to act as agents of peace within their families and community (read more).

Our partners also run peacebuilding activities in high schools with both Muslim and Christian attendees.

"In Ambon, most people know people of different faiths, but they’re not really connected to them. The skills we teach at the workshops are about appreciating and negotiating differences and valuing each other’s contributions and ideas. These are the skills young people need to learn if we are to build a future where peace is truly achievable." –Rev Jeny Mahupale (read more)

You can help. Your gift will support people experiencing poverty and injustice in Ambon and beyond. Click here to donate now.

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We are part of a global family who need each other more than ever. Our international partners are racing to adapt health and sanitation programs; using their networks to pass on vital health advice to their communities, preparing ways to help people find an income and supporting the poor and vulnerable in whatever ways they can.

Just like here in Australia, most of this support is happening from the isolation of their homes, but often with the additional challenges of limited healthcare, job security and internet; as well as and lack of reliable electricity and clean water. Many of our friends in places of poverty are caught between the safety of isolation and the need to work for food, despite the huge risks.

While we’re not sure what this will mean for each project, your donations will support us to work with our partners to determine the best way forward for them and the best way to help vulnerable people in their communities stay safe and thrive long term.
Please keep them in your prayers, as they are praying for us.

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