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Then justice will dwell in the wilderness

And righteousness in the fruitful field…
My people will live in peaceful homes
In secure dwellings
And quiet resting places."

Isaiah 32:16-18

What do you long to see in the world?

The prophet Isaiah imagined an earth where people lived together in peace, each with enough to share.  It's a compelling vision.

Lent is the season in the Christian calendar leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. It's always been a time for people to stop, reflect and recommit to simple living and selflessness.  

We hope these stories of the church in Ambon give you inspiration and hope during the next six weeks.  


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A series of 5 studies on Jesus 'the other' and how to embrace difference.


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Week 1: Build peace, beat poverty

This is a story we need right now.  In Ambon, Indonesia, our partner the Protestant Church of Maluku, is bringing people together to overcome the legacy of violence between Muslims and Christians that left 5,000 dead and 70,000 homeless.  Peace is possible, and so is beating poverty.

Begin your Lenten journey with us. 

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Week 2: Mary and Attika

 As young women, Mary and Attika became refugees after violence between Christians and Muslims destroyed their homes and killed their loved ones.  This is the story of their unlikely friendship and the hope they’ve found through projects that put food on their tables, their kids in school, and love in their hearts.

Week 3: Petrus and Nyoman

 As a young man, Nyoman reached for a soccer ball and mistakenly picked up a hand grenade. He lost his hand in the explosion. No one could have predicted where his journey would lead him; his story is just one many partnerships changing life for people in Ambon.

Week 4: Friendship across boundaries

How many friends do you have among people who have different beliefs, ideas or backgrounds to yourself? We chatted with four lifelong friends from three different countries, Muslim and Christian, to unearth some of the life giving richness of diverse friendships.

Week 5: Blessed are the Peacemakers

Our world depends on young people taking a different path to the future – one that rejects religious intolerance and extremism.  Our partners in Ambon are equipping high school students with the skills to build peace and engage with different faiths and beliefs – and they can’t get enough. 

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