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You're making a critical contribution toward the ministry of our partners as they preach and teach the Good News, lift up women and girls, respond to changing climate and disaster, support people with disability, provide education and help create peace.

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Life saving treatment for tuberculosis – Timor Leste

Esme, a young woman in Los Palos Timor Leste, weighed just 23kgs when she first came to the Health Clinic run by our partner, the Protestant Church of Timor Leste. She had no idea at what point she had contracted tuberculosis. Timor Leste has one of the highest rates of TB in the world, and due to the cost of testing and treatment, isolation and lack of education, more than half of carriers aren’t aware of their diagnosis.

Our clinic partners referred Esme her to a hospital and helped her get the tuberculosis medication she desperately needed. They’re now supporting her on the long road to recovery with nutritious food and ongoing health education. Over the past few months her weight has improved to 30kg and she continues to be regularly visited by the clinic staff.


Thank you for your gift to support the Church in Timor Leste, who run health clinics in remote areas, has oversight of schools and is helping people at all levels, from family to government, understand the critical importance of child protection training and policies.

Biblical teaching helping end violence against women and girls – Pacific

It had never occurred to Elder Jennery to help his wife cook, wash or care for their children. It simply wasn’t the way a man behaved in this remote corner of Vanuatu, where boys and men are unthinkingly regarded as superior.

Then Jennery took part in a Gender Equality Theology workshop. He heard from the Bible that God loves women and men equally, and created them to work together in partnership, with shared responsibility for  each other, ministry and the world. Jennery was struck by the difference between the Biblical vision and his own culture, where women and girls are often considered possessions, violently ‘disciplined’ and held back from reaching their potential. He immediately apologised to his wife and changed his behaviour. He is now part of a movement equipping ni-Vanutuans to understand the Biblical role that women and men can play, working together for genuine change.  He is committed to preventing violence in all forms within his community.

Your gifts to Seven Days of Solidarity will help the Church throughout the Pacific run more workshops, produce theologial material and train gender equality advocates to help prevent some of the world’s highest rates of violence toward women and girls.

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