Welcome to Seven Days of Solidarity, a celebration of our  Global Neighbours.

UnitingWorld connects you to the global church.

Each day we’ll tell you a story of God changing the world through one of our partner churches.

Join the movement and do your part.

Pray. Change. Give.


We believe the world has a hopeful future

If you do too, share the word about Seven Days of Solidarity and plan to get involved! 

Watch the trailer, and share it with your congregation and via your social media channel to invite as many people as you can to this exciting event.

Seven Days of Solidarity from March 27- April 3 2022


Here’s how you and your congregation can celebrate Seven Days of Solidarity


  1. SIGN UP HERE So we can send you everything you need to take part.

  2. PROMOTE Seven Days of Solidarity in your congregational newsletter.

  3. SET ASIDE YOUR SEVEN DAYS Including a launch Sunday and a Celebration Sunday. We’re planning for March 27th-April 3rd, but you can choose any week you like. We’ll provide a launch video, seven stories about Christ at work in the world including ideas to act and pray, and a full service including sermon, prayer, liturgy and music for Celebration Sunday. 

  4. RECEIVE a story each day of the week of Christ at work in a different part of the world; PRAY for the work and TAKE ACTION in solidarity.
    These stories will be available on this website, emailed out to everyone who signs up, as pre-formatted emails that you can forward to your congregation and as printed hardcopies that you can order from us

  5. CELEBRATE GOD'S FAITHFULNESS and RE-COMMIT TO GOD'S GLOBAL MISSION. We'll give you everything you need for an entire service, including sermon, prayers, music, liturgy etc. 

Visit our resources page to see all the materials you need. We’ll be adding more soon

Thank You!


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